Manual Calibration Guide

Manual Calibration Guide

******READ FIRST*****
WARNING Please know that following this guide will re-program the calibration settings on your unit. Following the steps below must be done perfectly and with care. Not doing so can cause more issues.

Manually Calibrating the Alpha Flight Controls

The following steps shows how to manually re-calibrate your unit. You may follow the steps below if you are experiencing:
  1. Major or minor deadzones.
  2. Axis jumps or hiccups.
  3. The need for a more fine-tuned flying experience.

Entering Calibration Mode

NOTE | Make sure your unit is disconnected from power or off.

Step 1 | Switches

Set the rocker switch as:

Step 2 | Buttons

Hold Button 1 and Button 2 at the same time. 
NOTE | Make sure your ethernet cord is connect from the yoke to the switch panel.

Step 3 | Power

Connect the unit to power with the USB cable. Release button 1 and 2 when the LED starts to flash. The LEDs should now stay on at it's highest setting to indicate calibration mode.

Calibration Operation

The steps below will show how the operations for manual calibration. Please read each step carefully before attempting as each step will now be rewriting the calibration settings within the unit.
  1. Rotate the yoke all the way to the right, press the LED button located at the back of the yoke, next to the USB port. The LED lights should flash, indicated the data was saved successfully. 
  2. Slowly release the yoke, letting it rest at the center. Press the LED button again, which should flash again.
  3. Rotate the yoke all the way to the left. Press the LED button.
  4. Slowly release the yoke, letting it rest at the center. Press the LED button.
  5. Push the yoke all the way forward. Press the LED button.
  6. Slowly release the yoke, letting it rest at the center. Press the LED button.
  7. Pull the yoke all the way out. Press the LED button.
  8. Slowly release the yoke, letting it rest at the center. Press the LED button.
  9. Disconnect the USB cable and plug in again.
Access the windows controller properties and re-calibrate the unit once again. if you are in need of more support, please submit a ticket to

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