Configuring the Alpha Flight Controls

Configuring the Alpha Flight Controls

The Alpha Flight Controls are compatible with many different flight simulators. Our yoke uses an application called YokeInput that can easily map all the switches and buttons for your simulator. Of course, if you want to customize your experience, you can choose each switches function within the simulator’s settings page. 

WARNING There may be some weird interactions with FSUIPC. We recommend using either FSUIPC or YokeInput but having both active may create some unwanted issues.

Before You Begin

You should make sure your yoke is getting power and is turned on. You can easily tell if the yoke is powered on when you can see the red lights emitting through the honeycomb switch panel. Once you have confirmed that your yoke is on, run the computers controller calibration to the best experience.
NOTE Mac does not have a native controller calibrator, so skip this step if you are a Mac user.
You can find a guide to accessing your computer’s controller calibration tool here.

Configuring your yoke for X-Plane 11

X-Plane 11 already has our Alpha Flight Control buttons and switches mapped to the most common functions for each switch. All you have to do is run the calibration for the joystick and you are all set!

NOTE If you are a Mac user, X-Plane’s configurations may not show up as pictured above. You are still able to use the yoke, however it may be harder to configure manually. If you want to fix your configuration settings, see a guide here.

Configuring your yoke for Flight Simulator X and Prepar3D

Flight Simulator X and Prepar3D utilizes our YokeInput Application.

Step 1 - Downloading the drivers

                Download the drivers here for Flight Simulator X or for Prepar3D. Run the installer and you should now have YokeInput available on your desktop.

Step 2 - Launching YokeInput

                Launch YokeInput. It should look a lot like this. 

TIP You can start pressing buttons and switches and YokeInput will show you the configuration for that button or switch

Step 3 - Accessing plane templates

                Under ‘File’, press ‘Load Template’.

      Here you can see all the aircrafts available. Choosing an aircraft will change your button functions to best fit the aircraft that you’ve selected. Once you’ve decided on your aircraft, click on the name, and press ‘Load’.

NOTE If you run into an error of an unhandled exception, make sure you are running YokeInput as an administrator.
NOTE We are continuously adding more aircrafts everyday! But, if you do not see the aircraft you want, you will need to configure each button and switches the way you want.

Step 4 - Activated button configurations

                Now all the buttons and switches should be configured to work well with the aircraft you’ve chosen. From here, press ‘File’ and press ‘Activate’. Now all your buttons that are set within YokeInput should reflect what is in Flight Simulator X. 

NOTE In Prepar3D the key configurations page may not reflect the inputs that was set by YokeInput. If you were to run the simulator, the buttons and switches should work as usual. Keep in mind that some buttons and switches may not be configured depending on the aircraft.
NOTE Some of the functions on Flight Simulator X and Prepar3D are toggle only. For example, for the Master Alternator (13) switch, you will have to continuously push the switch to turn the Master Alternator off and on.

Step 5 - Conclusion

      You're all set to fly! You may close YokeInput. Remember that FSX and Prepar3D may not have the correct configurations to support all of the buttons and switches on the Alpha Flight Controls. If you want to be able to use each button and switch, you may have to configure each of them manually. 

Don’t See Your Simulator?

Check out this general guide on our buttons and switches and their functions! Or let us know which simulator you are using so we can make a guide in the future!

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