Axis Assignments MSFS

Axis Assignments MSFS

To change your assignments in MSFS please do the following:

-         Load up in free flight, once you are inside the aircraft press ESC

 -         Select controls

Select preset manager

-         At the bottom of the screen select new or duplicate profile

-       On the panel to the left change the filter option from Assigned to All

-         On the same panel in the top text box begin typing the function you want to change



-         (THROTTLE, MIXTURE etc…) this should only need the first 3 or 4 letters


-         Select the assignment you wish to change

-         Click the bar which reads Start Scanning

-         Move the lever you wish to assign to that function



 -         Click Validate

-         Please note – For the throttle assignments you may need to check the box which reads ‘Reverse Axis’

-         Click save or F11


-         Return to your flight

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