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Common Questions

Why are my buttons on the yoke not working?

Confirm that the short black coiled RJ45 (ethernet) cable that is included within the packaging is connected from the yoke to the switch panel. That cable allows the computer to register the buttons and switches on the yoke. If not, follow the steps below:
  1. Insert one end of the cable into the slot on the switch panel. The slot is located on the bottom area, right under the starter ignition.
  2. The other end will be on the back of the yoke on the right side.
  3. Once the cable is connected, check to see if the inputs are being sent to your computer.
If the issue continues, please submit a ticket for the team to evaluate if your unit is defective.

Can I use the Alpha Flight Controls with a different throttle/pedals?

Using our Alpha Flight Controls with other non-honeycomb pedals and throttles is possible. You must connect the pedal/throttle into the computer independent from yoke. This means that if your pedal or throttle has a USB connector that can be connected to the computer, all you must do is connect it and it should work just fine. If your pedal/throttle has a connector that must connect to a yoke, then you must do as follows: 

  1. Connect your pedal/throttle to another yoke (usually the one it came with) 
  2. Connect that yoke to your computer. 
  3. In your simulation settings, you must disable the yoke you do not want to use. 
  4. Set aside that yoke. 

While it’s not the best solution, it has been the work around that most people have been using while we are working to create a better solution. 

How do I fix the "deadzones" with my yoke?

If you are experiencing "deadzones" with your yoke, then this is most likely a software issue. Make sure you have the latest drivers for the simulation you are using. You can find them here. You should also make sure that you download the simulations latest update as well. 

If you are using any simulation through Steam, there's a setting within Steam that may cause your "deadzone". To disable this:
  1. Open your Steam application
  2. At the menu bar, follow this path: Menu > Steam > Settings
  3. Click on 'General Controller Settings'
  4. Uncheck the box where it says "Generic Gamepad Configuration Support"

Why are my buttons and switches not working and the pictures aren't showing up? MAC | X-Plane 11

This is an issue with the X-Plane 11 software. Please follow this guide to fix the issue.

Is there a way to fix the tension of the yoke?

There is no way to fix the tension without breaking the warranty. We spent several months on dialing in the tension on both axis and where it ended up is due to multiple reasons. 

  • Tolerances 

  • The elevator axis is rolling on dual lineal bearings that maximizes lifespan and ensures the ability to make minute adjustments without the yoke being jerky. Unfortunately, the same bearings also require a fairly high level of tension loading to avoid the return to the Center Point location to exceed our max tolerance of 3 mm. 

  • Center Detent 

  • The tension was also carefully chosen to find the perfect compromise between tension and detent. The target was not to feel any detent when going over the center point. (under normal operation – If you pull the elevator from min to max then you will feel a detent, but that is not how you fly). 

  • Trimming 

  • We also put a great deal of focus on getting a realistic trim feel on the yoke when flying GA aircrafts. A higher tension level gives a more realistic feel of trimming out the tension of the yoke.  

  • Realistic Moment 

  • The tension on the elevator axis increases in the air as the tension increases with airflow over the elevator and horizontal stabilizer or in some cases the stabilator. The current tension is very close to the median tension of real-world aircrafts we have flown and tested. 

  • Movement 

  • 90% of the flying is done within one inch of movement around the center point, so the most realistic feel needs to be in that area. 

For all other issues and technical questions

Submit a ticket here. For the best results and quickest return time, please provide a strong description and a video for us to review! 

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