Alpha Flight Controls Information

Alpha Flight Controls Information

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Common Questions

Where can I buy the Alpha Flight Controls?

To find out where you can buy our products, check out this guide.

Am I able to use screws to attach the yoke to my desk/surface?

As of right now, our yoke does not include sections that can be used to screw into for stability. However, we are going to be looking into this as a potential feature in the future.

Where can I get replacement 3M microsuction pads or clamps?

We currently do not have replacement 3M microsuction pads or clamps available. We are working to get those replacement products on our store as soon as possible.

What are the dimensions of the Alpha Flight Controls?

To see the dimensions of the Alpha Flight Controls, click here.

Is the Alpha Flight Controls compatible with Linux?

Unfortunately, our Alpha Flight Controls are not officially compatible with Linux. With that said, many of our community members have figured out a way to have it work.

What is the Universal Panel Mounting System used for?

The Universal Panel Mounting System can be used for any kind of panels you would like to attach to the yoke.. The rubber pegs allow you to hide the screws if you plan on not attaching any panels.

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